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To introduce my guide of 2016, I previously wrote a Taipei nightlife guide back in 2013, and I was surprised to see that it still ranked amongst the top hits when one searches “Taipei nightlife guide”.

My updated guide updates you through my recommendations of some of the best places to go in Taipei at night. this being current top nightclubs, new bar openings, along with the ideal current ones, and of course, not to forgot Taipei’s most popular night markets and KTV clubs.

Here’s a my rundown of where you can go in Taipei after sundown.


What’s currently at the top of Taipei’s Nightclubs of 2016?

A few ‘heads up’ notes before we begin here. The entrance fees for Taipei clubs, bars and venues vary greatly based on whether there are special events or promotions going on. What we’ve listed here are general estimations but don’t be surprised if the cost is different when you make it there. It should also be noted that on a standard night, many night clubs JUST charge you an entrance fee. Once you’re in, that’s it, all you can drink when you take your plastic (slightly smaller than a pint sized) cup to the bar for a refill. You simply ask for what drink you want your cup to be refilled with – from a set ‘free refill’ menu. For any other drink (not on the ‘free refill’ menu), separately comes at the typical night club price for each drink.

So, let’s face it, the two words that accurately describes the nightclub scene ‘loose & party’. Yes, the famous club, Luxy, which really built the night scene in Taipei, was great but now it’s closed and gone.

Myst (AKA Club Myst & Baby Myst).

My number one recommendation has to be Myst, it’s one of the more popular Taipei clubs amongst the foreigners. They used to be known as Club Myst, but they’ve apparently rebranded their name to Baby Myst, to presumably re-market themselves to appeal to the younger club goers that frequent other venues in the area such as Babe 18. Note, they haven’t yet updated their website as I still see them presenting their old name, Club Myst.

Located on the 9th floor at the ATT 4 FUN shopping mall, Myst offers an outside area which has a stunning view of Taipei 101. Myst is one of the few clubs in Taipei that is open every night of the week. Myst isn’t just a 7 night a week nightclub, the venue does, what they so-call it as, ‘lounge nights’ on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Their ‘lounge nights’ transform the club into more of a chilled out bar scene, rather than their usual packed dance floor with the booming music. As for their Wednesday and Saturday nights, Myst then becomes a nightclub. Note that Wednesday is their popular ladies night, (which you’ll find that particular day is most of the Taipei clubs’ ladies night).

Myst is known to be the busiest on Friday and Saturday nights, where you’re likely to wait and line up outside when arriving after 12:30am. When you get inside, there’s one of the largest dance floors of any club in Taipei where the place can get pretty packed. Your entry fee includes a couple of drinks, which you can usually redeem for anything valued up to NT$300.

One of its best known features at the club is their team of dancers, who come out at regular intervals to dance on the four podiums scattered around the club. In the table below I’ve only listed the entry details for Myst on the usual club nights which are Wednesday to Saturday, but if you’re in the mood for a quieter night and a few drinks, Myst could be a good venue on a Sunday night through to Tuesday night. I warn you now, though, that the drinks can be a bit pricey.

Address: 110台灣台北市信義區松壽路12號 (No. 12, Songshou Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110)
Website: Myst’s official website
Telephone number: +886 911 439 997
Music: dance, EDM, house
Cover charge: NT$700 (+2 drinks)
Ladies night: Wednesdays
Table service: Yes
Opening hours:
Sunday – Tuesday: 9:30pm – 02:30am
Wednesday & Thursday: 10pm – 4am
Friday & Saturday: 10pm – 4:30am

Night club review.

Night club review.


Wave 夜店

My second recommendation has got to be Wave. The newest fashionable open bar club in town. Situated right next to the 101 building in the trendiest Xinyi district, Wave Club is the most extravagant open bar club with impeccable night views, roster of famous DJ’s, sexy dancers, and a high tech dance floor. Wave Club combines clubbing, event venue, and an outdoor sky bar that is claimed by them to be better than the Vegas night clubs. It’s said to be the newest efforts from the creators behind Club Myst, upon which they aim to take clubbing and nightlife in Taipei to a whole other level.

This club is open every night except Monday, which is the unspoken day most clubs don’t open within Taipei. Tuesdays and Sundays are said to be a little quiet, which is suggestively ideal if you don’t want to go somewhere too crowded. gradually through the week, the club gets more and more punters, as by Wednesday, their hip hop night, and Thursday being their ladies night, the dance floor becomes pretty crowded. The club reaches its peak by 1am where the entry would be the most expensive.

If you arrive early, (before 11pm on most nights) you can get in cheaper (NT$400/500 instead of NT$600/700 or more for men and women respectively), so it definitely pays to arrive a bit earlier.

Address: 110台灣台北市信義區松壽路12號1F, (No. 12, Songshou Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110)
Website: Wave’s official website
Telephone number: +886 911 439 897
Music: hip hop, dj hosts
Cover charge: 男仕 Gentlemen NT$700,、女仕 Ladies NT$400. – (All you can drink)
Ladies night: Thursdays
Table service: No
Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: 10pm – 4am
Monday: Closed

Night club review.

Night club review.

Wanted something a little more sat-back & chilled?

Woo Taipei 窩台北

To begin with; please don’t get this one mixed up with ‘woobar’ which is at the W Hotel. This has to be one of my favourite bars in Taipei, as for sure, it has the best interior of any bar in Taipei, I’d agree on the words, funky, upscale British gastro-pub to give a fair explanation.

The atmosphere at Woo Taipei is just to be relaxed and try to catch some ‘casualness’ which ought to be a part of life beyond the ocean. This bar tries to give you that feeling that you taking a chilled walk along a quiet beach in the south. Everything seems to be casual and easy. For me personally, it’s an ideal place to have an after dinner drink while hanging out with friends.

As for their drinks, Woo-Taipei is an excellent spot for enjoying prohibition style craft cocktails and hanging out with friends. The food is good but the cocktails are center stage. They have a great selection of spirits including a complete Absinthe selection. If you like the speakeasy vibe this is one of the places for you.

Address: 台灣台北忠孝東路四段205巷39號, No. 39, Ln. 205, Sec. 4 Zhongxiao E. Rd, Taipei
Website: Woo Taipei’s official website
Telephone number: 02 8771 9813
international, contemporary.
Restaurant features:
reservations, waitstaff
Table service:
Opening hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 2pm – 2am
Friday & Saturday: 2pm – 3am

Night club review.

Night club review.

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