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About Taipei Expats

This is the official information and service site of Taipei Expats, for those planning to be, or already are living, travelling, studying or working in Taipei.

Our online services offer expatriates with comprehensive support and information when it comes to either visiting or relocating to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

Why we’re offering expatriate services

Life in Taipei as an expatriate isn’t always easy and smooth as many people may think. Despite the convenience of the city’s cheap public transport modes and the abundance of their 24/7 convenience stores, there are a multitude of factors involving language barriers and other differences in lifestyles and culture that can make an expatriate life frustratingly difficult and challenging at times. Based within Taipei, we dedicate our services to appreciate the needs of those who lose the ease and comforts of their home country to live abroad in Taipei.

Our Services for Taipei Expatriates

Trusted Support Guides for Expatriates

Our support guides offer valuable information and helpful tips for all expats living, travelling, studying or working overseas.

Our support guides are clearly laid out with defined categories and labels for its user-friendliness.

All your notifications organised in one place

Get the latest on our accurate weather forecast to plan ahead within the city.

Stay in date with our trusted Taiwan news sources in English.

Access our report services on natural events from the government’s latest notifications.

The Upcoming Taipei Event and festival Calendar

Explore the many things that are happening today, along with the upcoming events & festivals in Taipei from our Taipei Event Calendar professionally displays a full range of festivals and events, such as the Dragon Boat festival to local family-friendly children’s events.

Select through color-defined categories to easily find the type of event you are searching for. Now accepting publicly certified events to the upcoming event calendar.

A full range of useful expat apps and sites

If you need to do a search for Chinese phrases, use maps to locate locations, Ubikes or MRT stations, or if you just want to see the current exchange rates, you’ll find them all here as helpful expat tools.

The expat tools are provided as web pages and as applications if  you prefer to use a mobile device. All the expat tools are defined by categories and labels for its user-friendliness.

 Please Let Us Know What You Think!

Your feedback and suggestions are so important to us! It’s hearing back from our visitors and users that helps us to constantly improve our online services for everyone. We always do our utmost to review every suggestion and respond to everyone who submits feedback to us. We thank you kindly in advance.



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