10 Best Date Spots in Taipei

10 Best Date Spots in Taipei

Got a tinder date in Taipei, Taiwan? Or anything romantic for that matter… OK, so it didn’t take me long to figure out that Taipei isn’t the most typically ‘romantic’ city; think quirky, fast-paced and yeah, concrete, rather than violins playing in the background. BUT don’t let that fool you; there are some AWESOME dates just waiting to happen here in these date spots in Taipei.

Taipei 101 from Elephant Mountain

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Picking a place to go is hard work though There are endless reviews of hundreds of cool cafes and bars, but which ones are great for dates? Don’t worry, I’ve prowled the pavements to compile the ultimate list of badass date spots in Taipei – from kitschy cafes to night markets. Every single one is rated by me as above 4/5 on my personal romance meter. Now all you need to do is get your Marvin Gaye on?

Keelung Night Market

Pssst… Avoid people with shi*ty tinder profiles like these though…

*A note on prices: 1 USD = 30.27 NTD at the time I’m writing this.


Coffee? Screw that. Taipei is famous for quirky cafes – Go check these out.

1. Alice Is Coming

Yes she is. Sorry, I just had to. Ahem… Here’s their Tripadvisor
Vibe: Fall down a rabbit hole and be transported into the curious world of Wonderland. As far as themed cafes go, this is an awesome job. The fake rose trellis-lined staircase up to the café immediately transports you away from the hustle and bustle of the streets outside and the story-themed décor is top notch with lots of attention to detail, from the teacup table to the Alice in Wonderland songs playing in the background (some were a bit weird though).
Alice Is Coming

Food and Drink: Desserts and fancy milkshake teas. I stuffed my face with a cream tea and chocolate brownie waffle. Afternoon tea in a tea stand also look truly scrumptious.

Price: $$/$$$ – My waffle and tea cost 380 NTD

Romance Meter: 4.3/5. Great for a chilled and quirky afternoon/early evening date with a Disney fan.

Location: No. 111, Yanping S. Rd., Zhongzheng district, Taipei.

2. Wisteria Tea House

Here’s their Website

Sophisticated cultural Tea

Vibe: If you’re looking for refined date spots in Taipei, you’re in luck. Wisteria Teahouse is the epitome of a sophisticated cultural experience with its Japanese style, Wisteria vines and 1930’s décor. It’s also very quiet and peaceful, despite being busy – everyone speaks softly. Did I mention the tea? It’s exquisite and even a tea noob like me knows that. There’s stuff like ‘Cloud Mountain Jade‘ and ‘King of the Wild‘ alongside loads of other options.

Wisteria Teahouse

Mine arrived with a glass kettle on a tripod, a small teapot with tea leaves inside, a tiny cup and some other bits and bobs. The waiter gave me a demonstration of how it is prepared and my leaves lasted about 7 refills of the teapot. The whole procedure of preparing the tea was really relaxing.

Food and Drink: I had the Wistaria Hong Yin Puerh Tea. The menu highlights how tea leaves for each type of tea are selected and prepared extra-specially. Tasted good.

Price: $$/$$$ – 280 NTD for about 21 cups. So while it’s not cheap, you get what you pay for in terms of refills and quality.

Romance Meter: 4.3/5. People like me laugh a lot on dates, so I’d have to be careful not to be too loud. Other than that, the classy Japanese experience and relaxing atmosphere will never want to make you visit a Starbucks again.

Location: No. 1, Lane 16, Section 3, Xinsheng South Road, Da’an District, Taipei.


3. Modern Toilet

Here’s their Website

Romantic in a Twisted Way Vibe: Weird, disgusting and maybe romantic in a twisted way. Out of all potential date spots in Taipei, this is probably the most famous. Everything is toilet themed, from the chocolate ice creams served in squat bowls to the toilet seats you can sit on. Everything you eat is shaped creatively like a turd. However, it tastes nice. Service is also super-fast and accommodating; the place is usually busy but staff make an effort to seat without bookings and ask whether you’re ready for the next course as soon as you’re done with one.

Modern Toilet

Food and drink: OK it wasn’t Michelin starred, but yummy enough and has all the crowd pleasers (spaghetti or burger, anyone?) I had sausage fest spaghetti with mango juice (served in a urinal!) and chocolate ice cream (that came free). I was happy with these.

Price: $$ – All of this was $290 – really impressive. I think it was fantastic value for money. Tea and chocolate ice cream is included in a lot of main courses (upgrade for other drinks) and the price is reasonable, considering that it’s so popular.

Romance Meter: 4.2/5. Not typically romantic, but funny and full of lots of conversation starters and talking points.

Location: 108, Taipei City, Wanhua District, Lane 50, Xining South Road, Taipei.

Or you could opt for the more ‘traditional romantic restaurant’. Check out these date spots in Taipei…

4. Xiang Se

Go. Like seriously. This is the most romantic place I found in Taipei and if you have one tinder date/other date/anniversary, make sure to go here. Here’s their Facebook

French Romance on SteroidsVibe: French romance on steroids. I went with the Tattooed Consultant. We sat outside and it was like a walking into a fairy-tale illustration with dim lights, a pebble-dash floor and delicate white chairs. The most picturesque of the date spots in Taipei. The service was really thoughtful with staff telling us in detail about the wine and suggesting food. I felt special to be there. Make sure to book it in advance.

Xiang Se

Food and drink: Delicious. Rich and you could taste the quality ingredients. We had pizza bread appetizers, beef gnocci, chicken breast and a salted caramel dessert and drank rosé. It was perfect.

Price: $$$$ – This is one for the special occasion. Our combined bill was around $4000 NTD but worth it.

Romance Meter: 4.8/5 – Must visit

Location: No. 1-2, Hukou Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei

Number for booking: +886 2 2358 1819

5. Tuga

Here’s their Tripadvisor

A Classy Taste of Portugal.

Vibe: A classy taste of Portugal. Tuga has an impressive wine collection on display and the menu is full of authentic Portuguese dishes. They have a collection of their delicacies available to buy in a little on-site shop. Service is fantastic and I liked the old-fashioned Portuguese music. They also have nice cutlery. This place inspired my travel bug to consider visiting Portugal.

Food and drink: Umm… Portuguese! I had a delicious chorizo and bean stew which was everything I wanted it to be; spicy, hearty and flavoursome. Try the wine – I didn’t, because I went in the afternoon (I’m not the biggest wino), but there was so much of it…


Price: $$/$$$ it was around 750 NTD – but I was so full and satisfied.

Romance Meter: 4.4/5. The only thing I had a tiny issue with was that the AC was a bit too strong and I was a little cold by the end of dinner. But if I had told the staff I’m sure they would have turned it down.

Location: No. 12, Alley 11, Lane 216, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei.

6. Wulao (Zhongshan branch)

Here’s their Tripadvisor

Perfect for the Perfect Hotpot

Vibe: Perfect for the perfect hotpot. The atmosphere is formal but chilled out and each group has their own corner with a set of benches and a table for privacy. You can also help yourself to the towels, napkins and toothpicks provided in your private booth. I went there with The Kinky Brown Girl Hater and it went really well – cooking the hotpot itself is a great date activity, because it involves interaction and teamwork. Make sure to book this in advance.

Only thing I’d say is that the service was a bit weird; the receptionist told us to wait outside for ages even though we had reserved a table. Staff upstairs also kind of disappeared when we needed to ask for stuff. But they weren’t rude – just not as efficient as you’d expect for a place like this. This isn’t unusual for date spots in Taipei though – also happened in Bianco (see below).


Food and drink: Very very delicious. The hotpot was more than big enough for two people and all the different types of meat, tofu and balls in it were perfect, as was the broth. We also had mango beer, which was yummy and a complimentary dessert shot of ice blended calamansi that was very refreshing and palette cleansing; this was a really nice touch.

Price: $$$-$$$$ We got excited and put loads of meats and fish in the hotpot so it came to 1900. For 2 people I’d expect it’s usually around 1700-2000 NTD. But then I took home half of what we left and it lasted me 3 breakfasts (yeah, I’m cheap too and what?)

Romance Meter: 4.2/5. Great for teamwork and conversation and the food is awesome.

Location: Zhongshan branch: No. 36-1, Section 2, Zhongshan N Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei.

Number for booking: +886 2 3322 5529

7. Bianco Taipei

Here’s their Tripadvisor

Lights and White Furniture

Vibe: Warm, nice dim lights and white furniture – perfect for an Italian. A little bit formal but not too stiff – perfect for a first date. Tables far enough apart for privacy. They got the ambiance spot on.Lots of people, so booking in advance is necessary – The Quantum Physicist did when we went on our date. Service was good, but we were pushed a little at the end to pay, because they were closing at 10pm and the kitchen closed at 9.30pm (our date was at 8.45pm). But overall, great.

Bianco Taipei

Food and drink: Excellent. I was really impressed with my Japanese risotto that had chicken and an egg; the rice was moist, chicken nicely done – it hit the spot. He had a veggie pasta thing that was OK for vegans to eat.

Price: $$-$$$ Risottos cost 420-450 NTD and other stuff is a bit cheaper.

Romance Meter: 4.4/10 – great first date spot in Taipei. Started an awesome conversation here that you can read all about soon.

Location: No. 19, Lane 112, Section 4, Ren’ai Road, Da’an District, Taipei.

Number for booking: +886 2 2325 3655

Orrr be a bit crazy and spice things up at a Night Market

Any visit to Taipei is incomplete without trawling the night markets, tasting weird, wonderful and crazy-cheap food and getting caught up in the electric atmosphere. Why not put them in your list of date spots in Taipei? There’ll be a lot to talk about with your date.

8. Shilin Night Market

Here’s their Tripadvisor

Night Market

Vibe: The biggest and most famous night market there is in Taipei. Crazy exciting with food, colours and lights everywhere. This is a great place to walk around on a date – there’s no shortage of things to talk about here. Yeah, there are lots of crowds but it’s not overwhelming. Loads of food stands with weird and wonderful concoctions will ensure you aren’t stuck for something to eat.

Shilin Night Market

Food and drink: Anything. Burgers, sate, bubble tea, octopus, you name it. I was adventurous and had a BBQ-ed octopus skewer that looked nicely marinated.

Price: $ Cheap and cheerful. Small things are around 30 NTD and larger things (like my octopus skewer) are about 100 NTD

Romance Meter: 4.2/5. Awesome opportunity to walk and talk and eat all at the same time. Could go after visiting a restaurant as well just to walk around in, as that would set an exciting tone to the evening.

Location: No. 101, Jihe Road, Shilin District, Taipei.

9. Raohe Street Night Market

Here’s their Tripadvisor

Raohe Street Night Market

Vibe: Ultimate foodie heaven. Everything I walked past was delicious and it’s one of the oldest night markets in Taipei, so is a must-visit destination in itself. while Shilin is almost futuristic, this feels a bit more ‘traditional’ despite same level of excitement and crazy amount of games and stuff to do. Go with a date when you’re hungry and grab 5 or 6 different things. Then sit outside on one of the benches in the open space, as it gets crowded inside, especially near the entrance. Out of all the date spots in Taipei though, this has the best value for food.

Raohe Night MarketFood and drink: Honestly, I had the best meal ever here. I had a famous pork bun, little fried seafood balls with spicy mayonnaise, mini custard egg tarts and a pudding bubble milk tea. My stomach rumbles from just thinking about it.

Price: $ So so cheap. I got six custard egg tarts for just 100 NTD

Romance Meter: 4.1/5 – OK, it is crowded I know. But take a date purely because of the food. And it’s a conversation starter I swear.

Location: Raohe Street, Songshan District, Taipei.

10. Taipei Expo Park

Here’s their Website

hipster market

Vibe: Buzzing and electric! Taipei Expo Park is a hipster market, yummy looking restaurants, food stalls, live shows and kid-friendly attractions all-in-one. Out of all the date spots in Taipei, this has something for everyone. I went there at 8pm on a Saturday night and there were loads of families having fun, but then I heard an expat say “Maaan, I’ve never been here this early before, like I don’t know what to do; there are like families and sh*t here” – so I have a sneaking suspicion that it turns into a party place with all the fast food stalls later.

Taipei Expo Park

I settled at La Querida, a Spanish restaurant to watch a performance of a guy dancing with fire on the main stage, which was pretty cool. All the restaurants look great though; ‘Masala Art’ is Indian (win), ‘Brickworks’ is Lego themed but closes at 8pm and the pub ‘The Three Lions Inn’ is directly opposite the stage. Halfway through my meal, a magician came and asked if I wanted to see magic. I was alone and not in the mood so declined; but basically, there’s no shortage of entertainment here.

I actually dated a magician – read more about that here…

Food: I had some patatas bravas, which are spicy Spanish potatoes and a coke. It was yummy.

Price: $$ 330 NTD – so not too bad

Romance Meter: 4.3/5. The whole place has a great vibe, so the score is really for Taipei Expo Park as a whole.

Location: No.1, Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei.

Closing Thoughts On Date Spots In Taipei

Exciting, quirky and dynamic places

Yeah Taipei isn’t as cheap as Southeast Asia and yeah, it’s a bit of a concrete jungle, but it’s exciting, quirky and dynamic – that’s what makes it special. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities for romance – You can read all about my tinder dates in Taipei very soon! Have fun and enjoy these date spots in Taipei responsibly… *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

Concrete Jungle

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Hey there! My name is Zainab, A.K.A. Tinderella Worldwide, seasoned dater of the world and I would love to connect with you. My vision is simple: I think that dating should be enjoyed as an adventure rather than heartbreak central or just a route to settling down.



My One Week Visit To Taipei

So I began my travel adventures

I arrived in Heathrow Airport with my mum there to see me off. I checked in ready for my flight and ate at the pub while I waited for my flight. My flight was to Taipei via Bangkok, which was a coincidence as that’s where I’m planning on going to after my visit one week visit to Taipei, so I get a sneak preview at least.

I get to the check in desk and as I only have a one-way ticket I am given a scary release form to sign basically saying if Taipei doesn’t like your one-way ticket and kicks you out then it’s your problem and you’re liable for the costs, which got me a little worried about my arrival.

After many hours of being on the plane trying to sleep, watching films and waiting in Bangkok for my connection flight, I finally arrive in Taipei. What made it feel better was chatting to this Australian girl who has just been on the same flight from London and is now going on another connection flight to Brisbane.

When I finally arrived at the Taoyuan International airport, it was late and I felt very tired, but I had no issues at all at immigration. As I didn’t know how to speak Chinese and my phone network signal was gone, I just decided the simplest option at this point was to go for a Taxi, which for a 40 min journey into the city was only about £40, which was reasonable.

First Day in Taipei

Taipei street at night.Saturday.began early as I set off to have a look around. I still had no mobile internet and didn’t know my way around, but I found a metro station (MRT) and made my way to the main station, which is actually very easy to get to grips with if you’re used to London’s Underground Subway, as it was all colour-coded and had text and announcements in English.

I found a cafe that had WiFi while I was waiting for a phone shop to open but then left it late and decided to do that once I met up with my friend who spoke some Chinese, which would make the experience easier.

After little a struggle meeting him, I got a taxi to a station in a main area of town, the station I arranged to meet him had many exits and I had no way of contacting him and my battery was about to die, but we got lucky and found each other in the middle of the busy square of the Ximending shopping district (Ximen), what helped was that I do a good job of sticking out in a crowd here!


Taipei 101

Taipei 101, Xinyi District

Taipei 101

After going to the Zoo and not having any cash to enter and see the Pandas! I wandered off into town to find something else to do, and I thought about going to Taipei 101 as it’s probably my favourite tallest building in the world. Inside it was all very glamorous, the whole inside is basically just every designer shop you can think of and others you just forgot or didn’t know existed.

Get around Taipei by their MRT map!

.I bought myself some fancy bubble tea made in a cafe which had the fashion of a 5 star hotel. I then proceeded to wander around and absorbed the feeling that I was rich enough to really enjoy this lifestyle, but really, even if I could, I’m not that interested in designer brands.

After window shopping with my bubble tea, I went to the top of Taipei 101 and looked over the city, which is overall very flat, with not many other tall buildings. The main part of the city was not all that green, it was only really the mountainous areas around the city that really made it look great.

Night Market

Raohe Night Market, Songshan District

The Raohe Street Night Market

That.following.evening, my friend, whom I knew from the UK, took me to a night market in town full of interesting street food. Before we got to try any food, though, we stumbled upon this trendy foot massage spa, which I decided to treat myself and James to. We chose a 40 minute foot massage, which was 500 NT$ each, which is only about £10, so it seemed pretty good to me if I think of it in relation to UK prices anyway.


After the massage, I wanted to try some new and interesting street food, so I decided to try the chicken’s feet. We both spurred each other on to eat it and it turned out to be nicer than expected, not sure the feeling was mutual on that!
We then stopped off at one of the many (actually very useful) 7 Elevens. There are all around the city to buy beers and then walk to Taipei 101, as James wanted me to get me familiar with where I am in relation to the massive landmark to make it easier to navigate around the city. Beer in hand, we walked towards Taipei 101 and it was a beautiful sight to see at night and perfect way to conclude my first day in the city.

Elephant Mountain

Taipei 101, Xinyi District

Elephant Mountain

I.climbed.up.Elephant Mountain with a friend of mine, both of us didn’t waste any time getting up the top to admire the view, and it was really worth the hike, the view was beautiful. The centrepiece of the cityscape was of course Taipei 101, while the sun set a crowd developed taking pictures while the sun came down, which was beautiful way to spend the evening.

Interested in Elephant Mountain? I used this info to get there!

We then went to a viewing platform where there were some people who were really serious about taking the best pictures of Taipei, my phone ran out of battery by this point in the evening but I still captured some lovely images.


The Asian selfie culture

The Asian selfie culture

Selfies.are.a.big deal here in Taiwan, as I’m sure they are in much of the rest of East Asia. People take selfies in the UK, too of course, but here, it’s an obsession and they would fare well if it were to be an olympic sport. I have been doing some practising of my own on the art of taking selfies, I found it works better for me when I am wearing sunglasses, haha. *cries in ugly tears*

Check out this cool Taiwan guide site I used.

I have the latest LG smartphone and it captures the pictures just by saying “Kimchi!!” which is really useful for keeping a steady grip of your phone.

Many people solve that problem with a selfie stick, which personally, I don’t see myself using. It’s a little over the top for my liking, I’d rather take pictures of interesting things I see around me.


Longshan Temple

The Longshan Temple

The Longshan Temple

I.was.looking.for an area of Taipei that I could explore that had some green space near by as there is not much of it in the centre. I had a look at the map and the nearest station was Longshan Temple, which as the name suggests is by a Temple and a very pretty one at that. 


Here’s the reviews from Tripadvisor about this iconic temple. I’m not religious but with Temples such as this, they feel very welcoming and gives me a sense of calm and peace, I’m all too happy to experience for myself.

Once in the temple, you can buy a set of incense sticks light them over a candle and then pray to different Gods, for things like love, education, career, success and etc. There are more Gods than there are sticks, so you have to choose wisely!

I then went off and wandered to a big park lining the city next to more of a heath land than any kind of river, but it was still very lovely to explore. Many people used the park for a leisurely cycle. I would have liked to have done this, which I might go back and do it actually.

In Taipei, they have a bike rental system very similar to the Boris bikes in London. You can use the equivalent of the Oyster Card, called the EasyCard. Which you can also use as a form of contactless payment in local convenience stores, such as 7 Eleven, which are everywhere. Love it or hate them, personally I love them!

Taiwanese Food

Tappanyaki Restaurant, Xiangshan, Taipei, Taiwan.

Teppanyaki Restaurant

I.was.invited.out for a meal with a group of friends, and asked to meet at Zhongxiao Xinsheng station exit 2, many stations in the centre have about 6 exits which take you round long routes out of the station. After leaving the station, it really hits you how busy it is, even after being used to central London.



Are you in Taipei, single and got tinder? Check out these 10 best date spots in Taipei!

Lots of tall buildings with adverts about 8 floors tall, wide roads that you wouldn’t dare across unless the green man shows and a multitude of designer shops and mopeds driving all over the roads and pavements.

I met my friend and we promptly made our way to the restaurant in a more secluded part of town to find a bustling, canteen-like restaurant that had large fridges of eastern and western beers, as well as a big advert on the wall of a glamorous Chinese girl holding a tray of Tsingtao beers. We ordered using two menus, one was in English and Chinese and the selection menu was only in Chinese, so I made an effort to match up the Chinese of the things on the menu I wanted and did a pretty good job of it.

We then got a wide selection of food, as you can see in the picture below, all of it was very delicious and I tried everything, I ate one thing that looked similar to liver, and one of the friends there said “Do you know what that is?”, I said “No, but I still want try it”. Turned out it was pigs blood, as she told me after I tried it, and to be honest, it was alright but not something I’d overly recommend. So there we go I tried pig’s blood, as well as chickens feet so far, not bad going.

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Written by Daniel Roberts 

Currently living in Taipei, Taiwan as an English teacher. I’m from the United States, Texas. I’m in to all types of sport, and currently learning to speak and write in Mandarin Chinese.

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The Mitsui Outlet Park

The Mitsui Outlet Park

No more than a few days ago, I had learned about a completely brand new and huge outlet park with a lot of good publicity in the media. The Mitsui Outlet Park, which had recently opened up in the west of Taipei City, is operated by the Japanese Mitsui Group (三井グループ). The outlet is located in the Taipei Metro area, in the Linkou District, a distance of around 40 – 50 minute drive from setting off with a group of friends nearby Taipei 101.

Feeling generally interested to see what such an outlet store would offer, as I had previously visited similar sized outlets in Kyoto, New York and in London. Typically, outlets house many retailers of top brand names with an across-the-board range of products, such items as clothing, sports gear to popular household items. The unique qualities of an outlet, (which puts itself above malls and shopping centers), is that outlets are typically much bigger with many of their top branded retailers offering various discounts from anywhere up to 90% off their products.

We arrived at the Mitsui Outlet Park

It looked magnificent, with many big entrances to the complex, the outlet can be roughly divided into two sections, inside and outside section shopping sections. The inside section is all indoors, which contains a wide array of shops and a large food court area as well as supermarket. The outside section is all outdoors and extends outward from the Center Plaza. Both sections are 2 stories high and converge in a loop nearby the plaza area.

Ummm, not really what I had expected

The Mitsui Outlet Park has fantastic and impressive first impressions. For those that had ever visited the Taipei 101 mall in the Xinyi District, can at least agree on the modernized high-class standards that they both closely share. It had a comfortable and luxurious feel towards the environment and facilities. Throughout the building, it wasn’t as crowded as I had initially anticipated for a new shopping center, despite visiting the outlet within the 2016 Dragon Boat holiday period, too!

West Gate to Outside Shopping Area

West Gate to Outside Shopping Area

Center Plaza from South Gate

Center Plaza from South Gate

. outlet goes, we were met with many top branded retailers from every direction, along with all their high quality products that were subjected to their advertised fantastic outlet-discounts.
Then, we were all hit with much disappointment. We noticed most, if not all, prices weren’t what they seem. It’s an old retail marketing black-hat trick. Jack your prices up to then put them down to whatever discount percentage off the price to give that outlet feel. We noticed that most of the top branded retailers within The Mitsui Outlet Park were doing this, which left their prices to be what you’d expect in any of their high stores in Taipei. As a British man, I know this trick to be an illegal act in the UK. The Sales of goods act state that the prices MUST BE sold at the ‘pre-discounted’ price for at least 6 months before advising customers that it has been reduced to the stated promotional price. This is a law on all goods and services traded in Britain to protect their customers from being tricked into getting a seemly good bargain. However, this is Taiwan.

You can say that our experiences only got worse…

After spending a few hours in the so called outlet, we decided enough was enough of looking around, and get something to eat. Most of my group of friends fancied a burger based meal, so we didn’t eat at the food court. Instead we found a really nice looking restaurant near the entrance, called ‘Kua’aina’, a Hawaiian themed burger & sandwich restaurant.

Outside Kua’aina

Outside Kua’aina

Inside Kua’aina

Inside Kua’aina


The waiting outside before going inside and being asked for your order is about 30 minutes. This is nothing out the ordinary when waiting for a table at a restaurant in Taipei. When we finally got in and was given a table, we sat down, ordered and waited with our soft drinks for about a good 15 minutes until the waiter had came to apologies with some bad news. They had run out of burger buns and politely asked us if we’re okay with toasted bread instead.

No, we weren’t happy. I just couldn’t see myself enjoying a meaty burger as I crunch through the toast. It was just an uncomfortable feeling. What made things worse, was the people behind us had buns! Confused and upset about this, they had advised us it was yet another mistake of theirs to make and serve the group behind us before us. It was the insult after injury. We got a full refund (even our half-finished drinks). It was only too late that I had checked the reviews for the burger restaurant, to which most were horrendous. It highlights how important reviews are these days when trying to avoid disappointment from so many seemingly great products and services. Proof truly does come from the pudding. *See their Facebook reviews for yourselves.

Food Court

Food Court

After.that.ordeal, we ended up eating at the food court. The food court was actually a rather pleasant experience with many delicious food choices, and was a lot more spacious and less crowded than many of my previous experiences in the Taipei 101 mall and living mall.


On a last but positive observation…

Before we retreated home, the outlet proved to offer one more modern and beneficial feature with the use of their increasingly smart technology. Every car owner, who parks in the outlet car park of The Mitsui Outlet Park, is provide with a small plastic token. Yes, it’s yet another gimmick to encourage you to spend more. This does, however, prove its usefulness and above the norm of unique services to save you money on your overall car park fees. You earn points from any transactions at any retailer or restaurant within the outlet, which get added to your token. You just hand it over to the servicing staff at the checkout to have the earned points added.

So, what are my final thoughts of the Mitsui Outlet Park?

Other than the convenience of having all the branded retailers in one place, there wasn’t much more of a unique value of going to this outlet, which therefore, was more like an unusually large mall than an outlet in my opinion. Would I go again? No, I’d just take the even more convenient option of shopping on the internet to get, more likely, a ‘real’ discounted price from what typical online prices get you these days.

For more information on The Mitsui Outlet Park:

 Official Website (English): Mitsui Outlet Park Linkou

 Phone Number: +886 2 2606 8666

  • Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 11:00 am-9:30 pm
Friday Saturday: 11:00 am-10:00 pm
11:00 am-9:30 pm

  • How to get there:

 From Taipei Main Station (台北車站), take bus route 1209 or 1210 to Lilin Elementary School (麗林國小). After alighting, walk two blocks west to the intersection of Wenhua 2nd Road and Zhongxiao 2nd Road.

 The Mitsui Group operates a free shuttle bus at 20-30 minute intervals between the outlet and the following locations: MRT Yuanshan, MRT Taipei Bridge, MRT Xinzhuang, MRT Nanshijiao, MRT Xinpu, HSR Taoyuan. The shuttle bus schedule can be found here, (only in Chinese).

 Take the Airport MRT to station A9 – Linkou. MRT not yet in operation.

Location Map:

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