12 Tips for Foreigners Moving to Taipei

You’re planning an exciting adventure to move to Taipei, but you’re not too sure on what to expect?

Check out these 12 tips to help you be prepared from the very moment you arrive.

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How To Use YouBike: Taipei’s Public Rental Bikes

With an increasing amount of bicycle parking stations located around the city, YouBike is an excellent way to get around the city. It offers a cheap and convenient service that is easy to register for and simple to use by anyone, even as a foreigner. Here’s how you can start renting a YouBike within minutes.

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How to Find an Apartment in Taipei When You Don’t Speak Chinese

Moving to Taiwan is an adventurous and exciting step towards a new life abroad, but it can be challenging when you’re looking for a place to live, and you don’t speak the local language. This guide will help you explore the best available options for finding an apartment in Taipei when you don’t speak Chinese.

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5 Reasons Taiwan is the 4th Best Expat Destination in the World

Often considered as “the hidden gem of Asia”, Taiwan has to be one of the most underrated destinations on earth. Foreigners can easily feel overwhelmed by the warm-hearted locals, rich traditions, magnificent sights and delicious food. Here are 5 good reasons why Taiwan is the 4th best expat destination in the world.

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Dating in Taipei:
10 Best Dating Spots in Taipei

Got a tinder date in Taipei, Taiwan? Or anything romantic for that matter… OK, so it didn’t take me long to figure out that Taipei isn’t the most typically ‘romantic’ city; think quirky, fast-paced and yeah, concrete, rather than violins playing in the background. BUT don’t let that fool you; there are some AWESOME dates just waiting to happen here in these date spots in Taipei.

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